When air-fresheners don’t work and you need a real odor neutralizer, you need PowAir!

POWAIR Mist is an aerosol spray odor neutralizer that eliminates airborne odors effectively and permanently. Our complex essential oil formula provides industrial strength odor neutralization, and is safe to use around your family and pets. PowAir Mist has a metered spray nozzle and is designed for use with the automatic PowAir Mist Dispenser or can be used as a hand held spray. Neutralize odors in garages, restaurants, bathrooms, hotel rooms, kitchens, smoking rooms, or any place in your home or small business facility.

The Mist aerosol is so powerful, that most often you only need one quick spray. Don’t overdo it!

PowAir Mists are available in two scents: Apple Crumble and Passion Fruit.



Apple Crumble


Passion Fruit