PowAir Stories

Stephanie, OR

I'm so excited about the PowAir! We just had a dog, in the dog wash, that was skunked months ago. We have been working with him, but unable to get that last little bit of stank off of his face. With Sherrell's suggestion, we sprayed some of the Urine & Odor on our hands and worked lightly into his facial fur. Amazing! It's totally gone. That and our Dog Wash immediately smelled beautiful.

Dawn, UK

Recently saw this at a dog show and was given a free sample, I was so impressed I ordered the penetrator spray and the gel. I absolutely love this product and am never going back to any other freshener products again. Not only has it cleared the smell of smoke from my smoking room the car no longer smells of damp dogs!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!

Kailea, BC

We recently experienced our second skunking. Three of our dogs got sprayed by a skunk in the face. Immediately after being sprayed we brought them into the house both times we made this mistake. Our first experience was horrible had no idea how to wash them, what with or how to deal with smell. Needless to say we suffered! This time the smell felt worse. All three dogs skunked in face again! to the point of dogs puking and my poor father puking. It was horrible! A great man came to our rescue this time. Matt from AJM disposal heard what happened and was here within 30 minutes brought us two bottles of PowAir odour penetrator spray and one jar of odour blocker. He literally saved us! We bathed the dogs hoping to get rid of smell.... but it was still there. Then we sprayed all three dogs with odour penetrator and wiped their face down. They smelled like they came from the groomer, Amazing! We then used the spray to spray everything they came in contact with and opened the jar of odour blocker. It was a huge difference from the first incident! Literally the smell of skunk in our house was gone in a few days. Last time it took weeks of trying things...and nothing worked. We just ordered more PowAir to have on hand and actually kinda fell in love with the smell of it. This will be something we always have in our home. I can't say enough good about this product! Bonus is it's a locally made product and totally safe for pets and kids, no chemicals and all natural oils.

Kurtis, BC

I just wanted to shoot you an email to let you know how well PowAir is doing for us.  By far the best odour eliminator we have on the shelf now!  This stuff is flying out the door, with the few free samples I gave away, not only did it bring the customer back for more but the customers friends and family are even coming in asking for it through word of mouth!  I sold 3 already today just for dogs that have been skunked.  Last week I had a customer tell me that she used a series of 5 different remedies to get rid of the skunk smell on her dog (4 of which were specifically for skunk odour), and she said the only one that worked was PowAir and it worked immediately.  We are even selling it to people who have never been in the store before nor do they own a pet.  These people say they heard about this product from a friend and are using PowAir on things like smoking rooms, garages, people with hockey gear, and all sorts of other uses.  I was sceptical on how well the air blocks would sell here but they are selling like crazy too.  The price point is very reasonable for the quality of product it proves to be.  I could have never imagined it would do as well as it has so far and sales continue to grow.  Thanks again for bringing this amazing product to my attention.

Darren L. BC

Hi, I met your rep at 8 Rinks during my son's hockey tournament a couple of weeks ago and you gave me a free bottle of your product. Thanks for that. After 2 weeks and 13 practices/games for my 13 year old, the odor is just starting to come back. Very happy with the product, going to let one of the dads with twins on the team try it this week.

Cassie B. Florida

Hi, we are excited to let you know that the bucket [of PowAir Gel] worked in our indoor dog park.  Nothing has ever worked before.  This took very little time to set up and we only have one bucket up and running.  We are taking another bucket to our other store in Tampa. Thank you for all your assistance.

Jackie P. South Carolina

Just got  my first bottle of Pow Air.  I have problems with my cats and this was the first area I attacked with Pow Air.  I love the fresh scent and the way it eliminated the problem areas that I was dealing with.  Great product and I plan to keep it on my shelf.  


Hello, The other day, several employees at my local pet store successfully discouraged me from making my usual Nature's Miracle purchase in favor of "a new product that works just as well and smells a million times better." With 2 small male dogs that love to mark the house up, my household has been loyal to Nature's Miracle for years. However, they were so enthusiastic that I decided to give Pow-Air a try. WE LOVED IT! THANK YOU FOR THIS GREAT NEW PRODUCT!!!

Trona R. California

Your Penetrator product is PHENOMENAL, sincerely. I have lots of cats and I always have this residual cat urine odor with mixed scents of whatever cleaning products I used after cleaning. This particular day the stench was just overwhelming. I would liken the smell to what one would imagine that a pet-hoarders home might smell like. I sprayed some of your product onto an area I knew for sure the cats were spraying on the bathroom's counter doors. I was amazed at how well the product worked. This was the first time, in I don’t know how long (months and months)... that the stench didn’t permeate to the upper floor where our living room, kitchen, and office is located. I know this product works!

Mary J, BC

We live in a condo and we have a dog. We found this product to be more efficient than any other product on the market.  We have tried everything and nothing lasts as long as this product. The air is much more clean, fresh and appealing.  It is no longer embarrassing when friends come to visit.  The house smells good as does our patio. I would recommend this product to anyone who owns a pet or would just like to have a fresh smelling house…..

Tanya T, BC

Used the apple crumble gel to sprinkle on top of the garbage, and it totally neutralized the smell of three-day-old onions. I was very impressed! The penetrator spray I used in a couple of spots. It was suggested for me because I have a cat, so I used it to clean out the litter box, and it worked extremely well! Then I thought, what the heck, I'd try it in some smelly gym shoes, and once again, it seemed to neutralize the odor fairly quickly.

Ken, BC

We have tried everything to neutralize our dog's odour. This is the only one that actually worked, and nicely I might add. Thank you!

Margie, BC

The spray worked wonders on my running shoes due to running in the rain all the time the smell was disgusting - I couldn't believe the smell went away, so I used it on my hubbies’ everyday shoes and yippee! The smell went away also - I use it every other day. I am hoping that this spray will be available in running rooms, sports check etc. as well as the garden supply/pet stores because I am in those stores more often. Thank you for letting me try your product.

Omeid H.

These products have worked wonders in smoke and mold odors in many odor some vehicles that have had heavy mold or smoking in them. These were vehicles that were detailed and local shops and they themselves couldn't get the odor gone or were rejected because of the mold damage. On the dealership that I work on, I am the Pro-Detailer and this product has made a total difference in comparison to any tree style or spray style deodorizer.  I have used the products and they work. I recommend the concentrated Gel and then continue odor control with the sachets.  Thanks Jeff for bringing these products to my attention and hope to see them in stores soon. 

Shannon, BC

I used it for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised that it worked against all the bacteria and smell that come out of a hockey bag. I would buy it again.

Christina, BC

We used the Apple crumble spray to clear our house of overpowering kitchen smells (We love our garlic!) We also ended up using it around the house as well as it left a soft, lingering scent that made the room a little fresher.

Sharon, BC

I have used this product at home and at our Animal Hospital, I loved the fact that in doesn't mix with other odors but replaces them entirely! I'm very happy with this product (the spray and the gelatin bits) and will continue to use it.

Teri, BC

Used it in my grooming room, worked very well with eliminating the stinky dog smell, tried many other products and this is the only one that actually worked and kept the smell away. I would recommend this to everyone.     

Bob, AB

Works like magic, used this in a damp cupboard and it killed off the mildew smell immediately. Now using same jar in a damp porch and it is doing a grand job. Remember that you will need to solve the root of the underlying smell though for a more permanent solution!