Cleaner, More Pleasant Drives

We do a lot in our cars – for better or worse. Sure we drive where we need and want to go, but we also smoke, eat, sweat, take our pets, and store things in our cars, creating a myriad of unwanted odors that can linger and turn a nice leisurely drive unpleasant.

With the PowAir Spray you get guaranteed odor removal in your car almost immediately.

Now with PowAir Block you can bring nature’s most effective odor fighters into your car or truck for ongoing continuous odor control.

And for those nasty pet or spilled milk causing odors emanating from your seats or carpets try PowAir Penetrator. It will absorb into the material and eliminate those nasty odors at the source!

Whether you are buying or selling a used vehicle, you know no-one wants to purchase bad odors. Clean sells! Use PowAir’s all-natural essential oil based odor removers that have been used in commercial and industrial applications for 20 years. They are proven effective. Use them to make your drives more pleasant.