That is a Smell of a Problem

These days there’s no end to the media and devices fighting to distract students of all ages and grades in the classroom today. And above that, there is an endless supply of unpleasant odors that can come from washrooms, locker rooms, kitchens, cafeterias, dumpsters, and trash areas and sometimes from dirty air ventilation systems.

The solution? PowAir – use it to keep schools odor free and kids focused on learning. PowAir does not mask odors; it destroys odor at the molecular level. Our industrial strength formulas are safe to use, eco-friendly and very effective. A full line of PowAir products are available and they are ideal for any school system.

Use PowAir Block or PowAir Gel for hands off long lasting continuous odor control. Or if you need some instant temporary relief from odors, try PowAir Spray or PowAir Mist for washrooms or locker rooms. Fans and equipment are also available for larger applications if needed.

Manage odor problems in school systems effectively with PowAir. A well educated decision.