Clean Restaurants Smell Clean

There may be no industry in the world where smell is more important than in a restaurant or pub. Taste is inseparable from smell, and if your restaurant or pub smells bad, customers may leave and never return.

PowAir industrial strength odor eliminating products have been proven effective for 20 years in the harshest of conditions. So, whether the source of your odors are from sewer vents, grease traps, restrooms, alcohol, or garbage bins, PowAir odor neutralizers will eliminate those nasty unpleasant odors and leave your facility smelling refreshed.

PowAir is a scientifically formulated blend of over 40 high quality essential oils designed to eliminate a wider spectrum of odors than any other odor neutralizer. It is not a masking agent. Use it with confidence! PowAir is powerful, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe to use around people, pets or plants.