Prevent Pet Odors from Taking Over Your Home

People love their pets, and for most, there’s nothing that could come in between our pets and us. Except the smells they bring with them.

From the dog-house to cat litter boxes to accidents and pet dander, every type of pet has its own brand of smell that can take over a home if not treated properly.

To maintain the peace between you and your non-human family members and keep your home smelling fresh, use PowAir Blocks around problem areas, such as the litter box for continuous ongoing odor control. Try PowAir Spray for instant on the spot relief. PowAir does not mask odors, it eliminates odors safely and permanently.

Know anyone that has been sprayed by a skunk? Or, own a cat that pee’s on your furniture and carpets? Use Powair Penetrator to remedy this annoying problem. Our dual action essential oil and enzymatic formula is second to none. It absorbs deep into materials and neutralizes the odors at the source by eliminating the bacteria that causes the odors.