Industry Leading Odor Removal Products for Hospitality Industry

Possibly no other industry in the world thrives more on freshness and revitalization than hospitality. The essence of the industry is making patrons feel comfortable and at home, allowing foreign or unpleasant odors into their rooms is absolutely unacceptable.

PowAir does not mask odors; it destroys odor at the molecular level. Our industrial strength formulas are safe to use, eco-friendly and very effective.

A full line of PowAir products are available. Use PowAir Block or PowAir Gel for hands off long lasting continuous odor control. Or if you need some instant temporary relief from odors, try PowAir Spray or PowAir Mist for washrooms or locker rooms. Fans and equipment are also available for larger applications if needed.

With PowAir, your hotel, motel, inn, hostel, or other facility can enjoy a completely odor-free atmosphere without any harmful chemicals. Keep your patrons feeling truly at ease and get every odor removed, every time.