Keep Your Garbage Out of Your Air

In every home – the garbage bin collects and manufactures hordes of bacteria and nasty odors and releases them into the air. Food scraps, dirty napkins, expired leftovers, grimy sponges and all waste matter gets mixed together and starts brewing up a host of filthy odors for days on end. Even a garbage bin with a lid cannot stop those awful fumes from permeating into the air and spreading throughout your house.

The solution? Other than keeping your garbage outdoors, the only way to keep your home’s air clean is to fight off the odors at their molecular source. PowAir was scientifically designed to not just cover up, but destroy odor molecules naturally with a full line of product types perfect for any home.

Storing your garbage bin in a cupboard under your sink? Use PowAir Block or a little PowAir Gel for hands off long lasting continuous odor control. You can use these products in your garage as well to safely and effectively eliminate those nasty garbage odors.

If you need a little instant temporary relief from your garbage odors, a few quick pumps of PowAir Spray into the air or directly into your garbage bin will give that to you in a big way!