Does Your Garage Smell Like… a Garage?

From the hard scent of motor oil to the rich smell of sawdust, from the stench of garbage to the musty aroma of stale air – our garages can harbor some of the finer masculine odors and some of the more repulsive ones, as well. If you’re not keeping yours well ventilated throughout the year - you’ll notice a collection of the more unsavory scents incubating inside.

That’s why PowAir offers a full line of innovative odor-combatants. Whether it’s a lawn mower, an old rug or anything in between, a few pumps of PowAir Spray and immediately your air will be fresh again. Use PowAir Gel for cost effective long-lasting odor control. Keep your garage stench-free day in and day out throughout the year. PowAir is a safe to use around your family and pets.