Even A Small Fire Can Affect Your Entire Household

When it starts getting cold outside, what could be better than getting warm and cozy around the fireplace with those you love? And yet not all fires are intentional. Home fires are dangerous and terribly inconvenient and costly for your whole family. Regardless of how a fire starts smoke has a way of ingraining itself on everything that it comes into contact with, it can be very difficult to clean and even more challenging to remove the smell.

Regardless, of the source, smoke odors are no match for PowAir’s full line of industrial strength odor neutralizers. Eliminate airborne odors instantly with PowAir Spray or use PowAir Gel for ongoing continuous odor removal. To eliminate smoke odors from contaminated materials such as cloth, carpet, wood and concrete use PowAir Penetrator and spray the items directly. Penetrator will absorb into materials and permanently eliminate those odors.

PowAir is a powerful industrial strength eco-friendly odor neutralizer that is highly effective. It is safe to use around your family and pets. Leave your furniture, carpets, drapes and household items smelling clean and fresh after a fire – use PowAir!