Treating Your Home’s Odor Cesspool

It’s a strong word, but it’s a fact: most homes have a cesspool of odors lining every room; scents and fumes of every kind are collecting right below our noses.

Carpets – particularly thicker ones – collect the full range of smells that come through your house. From cooking to spilled food to smoke to pet fur to just plain dirt off the bottom of your shoes, carpets collect an amazing amount of odor causing material and continually release those smells into the air for you to breath. When this becomes too much you can rely on PowAir products to safely and permanently remove these odors from the air.

PowAir Gel and Block will provide continuous long lasting odor control for you. PowAir Spray will enable you to instantly knock out odors and leave your room smelling fresh, and, to eliminate the cause of those odors locked into your carpets use PowAir Penetrator. It will absorb deep into the carpet and eliminate the odors at the source!

You have the PowAir to attack odors in your home from every angle at all times.

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