Because No Basement Is Odorless

If you have a basement, you know there is always some particular odor downstairs that persists no matter how often you clean that area. Because basements exist solely below ground, you can’t treat them in conventional ways; their perpetual dampness makes them unconventional.

Incorporating PowAir Blocks throughout your basement safely and effectively removes those musty odors and keeps this area smelling fresh and clean.

For an ongoing continuous solution use PowAir Gel, our most versatile and cost effective product. It doesn’t cover up the musty odors; it permanently eliminates those airborne odors.

From there, you’ll love using PowAir Penetrator; our dual action essential oil and enzymatic-based formula is second to none. It absorbs deep into materials and neutralizes the odors at the source by eliminating the bacteria that causes the odors. This product is ideal for eliminating odors from cat urine, skunk, vomit, and decaying food trapped in various materials such as your furniture, carpets and flooring etc.

Keep your basement smelling fresh and clean. You have the PowAir!

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