Animal carcass

Tried Everything to Rid the Smell of Dead Animals?

Dealing with dead animals is a difficult industry – and one of the most malodourous. Whether you work in road clean-up, practice taxidermy, enjoy recreational hunting or even have to deal with dead rodents in and around your home, you know ridding the scent of a dead animals is tough.

Has annoying rotting animal carcasses left bad odors lingering around to annoy you?

Use PowAir Penetrator on anything that a carcass has come into contact with. Our dual action essential oil and enzymatic formula is second to none. It absorbs deep into materials and neutralizes the odors at the source by eliminating the bacteria that causes those nasty odors.

To eliminate this odor out of the air, use either PowAir Spray or Mist for fast instant relief. PowAir spray will also remove odors from car seats and furniture. PowAir Block is idea for smaller areas like in cars or trucks.

Try PowAir Gel products for ongoing continuous odor control. Simply remove the lid and let the gel evaporate into the air. Eliminate these annoying odors quickly and effectively with PowAir.