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Patients and Health Care Workers - Experience the Difference PowAir Makes

Caring for an accident victim can be a highly stressful and difficult job, especially if the incident resulted with blood or body fluids and organs exposed on or around the victim. Emergency and medical personnel often have to endure gut-wrenching odors as they work vigorously to save peoples lives. In these types of situations PowAir Gel is the ideal odor control solution. There are no mist or spray droplets to fall down and contaminate sterile surfaces or instruments. PowAir Gel evaporates into the air at a molecular level and safely neutralizes those unwanted airborne odors.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities provide essential life preserving services for large volumes of people under conditions that primarily keep patients indoors or even bedridden during their entire stay. Here, odors from bacteria, mold, mildew, food, garbage, chemicals, vomit, urine, feces and other bodily fluids contaminate the air and often create unpleasant experiences for both patients and healthcare workers.

Eliminate those unpleasant hospital odors with PowAir, a powerful scientifically engineered non-toxic odor neutralizing technology. It is safe, eco-friendly and highly effective. Experience the difference PowAir makes - it is earth’s best odor neutralizer.

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